Flying Geese is a Marketing and development consultancy

We reveal hidden income streams and dramatically energise engagement for arts and non-profit organisations. We do this in five main ways:

  • Acting as the matchmaker between marketing and fundraising to create new lines of income
  • Increasing global reach to develop audiences in new territories and bring new international new audiences to you
  • Increasing audience bravery, encouraging audiences to release their inner child and try something new
  • Increasing audience engagement, making audiences need you, not just want you
  • Project managing organisational change projects which combine audience and donor development, fundraising and market research

Other services include interim marketing support at senior level, strategic planning, campaign planning, print creation, project management and research, as well as improved CPD services including one to one mentoring, improved networking, and inspiring and empowering delegates.



The structure

Flying Geese is owned by Beckie Smith, an experienced arts marketing and fundraising professional. Every project that we do is delivered by Beckie, who will always be your main point of contact.

Often, two (or more) heads are better than one, and in those circumstances, Beckie works with associate consultants to ensure that you are guaranteed the best possible service, advice and expertise possible.

It is for that reason that we refer to ourselves as ‘we’, rather than I, because we like to give our associate consultants ownership over their contribution to our projects, but please rest assured, that every single element of the project is Beckie’s responsibility.



Why is Flying Geese named Flying Geese

Flying Geese is named as such for two main reasons: We enable organisations to reach their potential through employing the best, most streamlined tactics possible. Working in this streamlined way places us as your navigators to lead the way, putting in the lion’s share of the work, to ensure that your journey from project start to project success is as effortless as possible.

We believe that successful professional careers are only made possible by the support of the family that we have around us. A happy work life helps you to be happy at home and vice versa. It is really important to us that we ensure our clients are happy at work, so that they can in turn be happy at home.  We are called Flying Geese because every time we write our company name, or see our logo, we are reminded of happy family times and how it is essential to get the work life balance right.