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You have a varied programme of events and are able to sell plenty of tickets for lower risk shows, but the higher risk shows always struggle to sell out.

You don’t know why this is the case. Perhaps you are asking too much of your audience, perhaps you don’t quite know where they have come from and their journey with you to date, or, perhaps you are not using the right tactics to encourage them to try something new.


Lets solve it!

Working with your artistic director or programming coordinator, we will offer a programme analysis to better understand your programming choices and will agree set criteria towards giving each event a unique risk factor.

Using market data, we will audit your audience journeys and will identify segments who are ready to release their inner child and try something new.

We will create a clear strategy that enables you to work with your audience to broaden their horizons and try something new, not just once, but again and again


The Benefit

You will know your risk factor
You will understand your audience journey
You will learn your audiences' buzz words
Accurate segmentation
Learn new tactics
Make them brave for life