Do you want to....?

Increase your sense of magic

Make your organisation vital so that audiences want to stay so long they never leave and donors need to give so much that they offer their last penny.

Improve your vitality

By bringing together the audience member and the donor and treating them as one vital asset to your organisation. Turning audiences into donors and donors into audiences

Identify new income streams

Where fundraising campaigns generate more donations, marketing campaigns generate more sales and corporate sponsors queue at your door.

Improve productivity

Break department silos so that fundraising and marketing staff work together, with one vision and one goal.




Is this familiar?

Your Heads of Marketing and Fundraising rarely plan together and almost never share information and train each other.

Your Heads of Department are so busy managing the day to day of their own departments that they rarely have time to take a breath and step back and work according to the greater good of the organisation.

Your marketing team are excellent at communicating the benefits of your programme, understanding attendance history and audience segmentation, but struggle to create an urgent need. Your fundraising team are superb at making people emotionally connect with your organisation and give their time for free, but struggle to create genuine excitement.


Lets solve it!

We will work together with both your Marketing and Fundraising teams to encourage them to treat their audiences and donors as one vital asset to your organisation – who engage both through ticket purchases and through donation support.

Your Marketiers will start using stories to make audiences care so much that your ticket sales will increase. They will learn how to create an emotional connection with their audiences, motivating people to buy tickets not just because they want them, but because they need them. They will turn your audiences into your biggest advocates so that they do a lot of the marketing work for you,  and they will learn how to increase secondary spend by filling your spaces with people just hanging out, with no agenda whatsoever.

Your Fundraisers will start using market insight to increase the number and size of their donations. They will learn how their donors behave when they are in your venue, and more importantly how they behave when they are away from it. They will become able to tailor their campaigns to the most appropriate segments and communicate with them in the way that each donor best responds. They would know how likely each person is to donate, what causes to which they are most likely to donate, whether their customers are loyal to one venue in-particular or the sector as a whole, who is most likely to volunteer their time and whether people prefer to be convinced to part with their money, or simply informed about the cause and then left to make the decision by themselves.


Outcomes and Benefits

You have one holistic strategy
You radiate a never-ending sense of magic
You find the perfect investor
You uncover new income streams