Do you need

A route to the international market

A road map to follow which takes your work from its home location, all the way around the world – and back

Global audience profiling

So you can identify and understand your audiences and tailor your activity accordingly

Global audience building

Giving you a ready made audience to energise and excite before you even take off

Global campaign and strategies

That detail marketing activity on a territory by territory basis



Is this familiar

You are a touring company that travels the world or an organisation wanting to present your work on the global stage, but the notion of building a global audience is somewhat daunting.

Currently, you have an idea and some extra funding to help you execute it, but you don’t know where to start?



Lets Solve It

We will work with you to understand your journey so far – what has worked and what hasn’t. Then we will dig deeper to identify your current international customers and audiences, and what journeys they take to find you, decide upon you, book you, experience you, and book you again.

We will help you understand who your audiences might be, how they might behave and what makes them tick. We will help you understand how big your target market might be and where best to focus your efforts.

We will strategically plan your best route to the global market and will identify key mile stones along the way. We will help consolidate your marketing messages, so that you can promote the key themes that appeal to your global customers and international audiences, thus reducing the volume of work associated with multiple campaigns for each territory.

We will plan your marketing activity down to campaign level; whether it is media buying in commuter hotspots, striking relationships with affiliates to increase audiences through partnerships, or developing your direct marketing and social media strategies, we can help get you audiences across the world.



Outcomes and Benefits

Increased income
Increased productivity
Increased clarity
Increased data capture