Do you need


I can

Write your strategies
Whether your department manager is newly promoted and thus only just developing their strategic vision, or simply too busy with the day job to take a step back and plan the overarching strategy; I can work with CEOs and the staff within the team to create a strategies which ensure you are on your way to fulfilling the aims of the business plan.

Hold the fort
Whether it’s a sabbatical, a holiday of a life time, a baby break, or compassionate leave, many organisations are often in need of finding cover for a member of staff. Whether it is within the marketing, development, Box Office management, the commercial team, or within senior management, I’m able to quickly get to grips with your organisation and start work fast. I can work from your offices, or remotely and dial in.

Write your copy
Whether you need dynamic copy aiming to excite, intriguing copy aiming to encourage curiosity, enlightening copy aiming to deepen engagement, factual copy aiming to inform, emotive copy aiming to increase passion, persuasive copy aiming to tempt, sales copy aiming to bring in the money or compelling copy aiming to bring in donations; I’m able to write anything from brochure copy and mail campaigns, annual reports and business plans.

Design your print
Whether you need new internal signage, brochures flyers and posters, an annual report or a business plan, I can either create your assets in house, or work with your designers to deliver something stunning.

Manage your projects
Whether it is organisational change such as installing a new Box Office system or website, re-evaluating your systems, processes or organisation staffing, or something smaller like rebranding a Friends scheme, looking at customer or donor rewards or conducting some market research I can help you understand your goals and help you achieve them.

Conduct your Research
Whether you have a piece of research that never takes priority or some statistics to find fast to complete a grant application or an ACE report (yes – we have all been there), I can use a number of platforms to dig deep into your data and tell you the stories that you never knew.