Audience Development School

Kick off your next marketing campaign with confidence…

Flying Geese invites you to attend a series of audience development training sessions to develop your skills in marketing, communication, knowledge of target audiences, how to tailor material to different audiences, campaign planning and how to measure success.

Flying Geese specialise in offering training for the cultural sector. We celebrate the level of experience that each person has and takes you to the level where you want to be.

This series of training sessions is delivered exclusively for those in audience development, marketing, communications and promotion across the UK’s cultural scene.

The six weeks course:

  • Offers best practice training
  • Is jargon free
  • Give you top tips that you can implement tomorrow
  • Is a friendly place where you can ask questions, learn and make things to shape your organisation

Next Course

18th April 2023

The next Audience Development School runs from Tuesday 14th March 2023.

Register for the course and find out about the sessions below.

Early Bird: £400 + VAT

Regular: £500 + VAT

Multiple people in the same organisation: £750 + VAT

About The Sessions

Session 1 – Audience development, marketing and communications

Find out what you’re actually doing and which discipline needs more attention in your own role.

Session 2 – What is our brand?

Before anyone is able to market, you must first understand your brand. A brand is not a logo, instead a brand is the very heartbeat of the organisation. We will discuss the importance of an organisation wide approach to marketing.

Session 3 – Target audiences

Map your stakeholders, identify target audiences and find out what they do and how to reach them.

Session 4 – Tailoring content and digital marketing

A two part skills development session focused on reaching new audiences and audience journeys.

Session 5 – Campaign planning

A practical session on creating robust campaign plans, with time and support to create a campaign plan of your own.

Session 6 – Measuring success, monitoring and evaluation

In this session we look at a broad range of potential evaluation areas to reveal hidden successes.

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