by Flying Geese Consultant, Beckie Smith

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Following a change in leadership and funding priorities at the University of Bath, we worked with The Edge and Andrew Brownsword Gallery to reimagine its future as the arts provision department of one of the UK’s leading universities.


Developing visions, missions and values

In order to reimagine the future of The Edge and Andrew Brownsword Gallery, we facilitated a ‘whole team away day’ where we lead a series of exercises specially tailored to a new vision for the organisation. These progressed into fun sessions aimed at co-creating a number of draft mission statements, followed by sessions focused on developing a series of values that were shared by everyone.

Each exercise progressed to shared breakout sessions where we facilitated supportive and critical discussions.

We then worked with a smaller group of senior management to develop and refine the vision, mission and values and ensure that they held potential in inspiring the team into the future.


Situational analysis and stakeholder research

One-to-one stakeholder reviews were conducted with key members of university staff, other arts organisations and community representatives to understand the value that The Edge and Andrew Brownsword Gallery had in the community. We facilitated focus groups with a number of different student groups and student bodies to understand how The Edge was integral to academic progress & extracurricular provision and for building community & a sense of belonging amongst the student body.

A series of situational analysis tools were used to develop an internal analysis that clearly defined The Edge’s position and relationship to the University of Bath, and the City of Bath as a whole.


Developing the business plan

We helped identify The Edge’s unique place in the market on a local, regional and national scale which motivated the staff to develop a series of strategic objectives that would firmly position The Edge as a flagship organisation for contemporary art, innovation and community.

Our expert consultancy combined with our methodical approach developed these strategic objectives into a fully formed and robust 5 year business development plan.


Legacy and Impact

Our work with The Edge and Andrew Brownsword Gallery was transformative. The team were in need of inspiration, motivation and direction in order to face the challenges that were associated with a restructure in funding.

Our collaborative ‘include everyone’ approach ensured that all members of the team felt a sense of ownership over the new vision and the team away day, series of exercises, and ongoing consultancy presented a new future for the organisation – a future that the team could really get behind.

The business plan and supporting documents that we developed, clearly communicated The Edge’s unique place in the market to stakeholders and funders and the value that it had within the community.