by Flying Geese Consultant, Beckie Smith

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We worked with Family Holiday Charity to develop a new fundraising strategy to make a step change in modernising their fundraising practice and to deliver campaigns that would see them increase income through donations. Family Holiday Charity are a national charity who provide holidays for families who – really need a break.

What did we do?

Working with Family Holidays we supported the charity to make real step changes in the way that they approached fundraising campaigns, recommending a data driven and insight led approach to inform their work.

We used our data expertise to run an analysis on the giving behaviour of Family Holidays Charity’s current and previous donors, and dug deep into their giving habits with other charities,  to build donor profiles which went on to inform our fundraising strategy and develop a series of new acquisition campaigns specially targeted to each donor profile.

Some of these campaigns included a value exchange campaign, content engagement and geographic targeting, which were supported by social media campaigns, out of home activity, radio advertising and targeting door drops.  

Our work with existing supporters centred around campaigns throughout the year and a Christmas-focused mailing.

Legacy and Impact

Or work with Family Holiday transformed their approach to fundraising, not only through data and insight, but through making a move away from traditional fundraising tactics, to more dynamic, targeted, and inventive initiatives.

The results speak for themselves. Within the space of a year, annual donated income from individuals was up 46%, year on year, which resulted in a record level of annual income from individual giving. With the new culture of data and learning embedded within the organisation, the team can seek to build on this year’s success and only seek to grow in the future.