With Miri Birch, Flying Geese Consultant

Setting up a Facebook ad on Ad Centre or Ad Manager can be a daunting task. Once you’ve worked out where to start, there are a lot of baffling options to go through and choose from. Wading through them takes focus and patience.

Finally, you set it up at campaign level, then the ad set, then the ad itself and confidently click “Publish” excited to sit back and reap the rewards, proud of your achievement.


❗️Setup Error ❗️


Oh. Ok. I’m sure it’ll tell me what’s wrong and highlight in red what I need to fix, like when you forget to enter your phone number on a sign-up form and need to in order to continue. Afraid not. “Go to your Page to edit this (#1860014)” is all you’re offered as help.


What do I do with this information? Is that number my Page number? No, it’s the error code and this is where a search engine will help you. Whether you look at Reddit forums to get your answer or a YouTube video you’ll probably find out what you need to do to get rid of the error code but you probably will never know what caused it.

Meta is an ever changing enigma, so don’t be too disheartened, it’s baffling to all of us. Only the experience of getting “errors” will help you gain some insight, if you’re lucky! Social media managers are never truly experts because Meta is forever changing and evolving but they often can resolve your issues for you if you’re still stuck, purely by how often they have to deal with them.


Try not to get too annoyed – more often than not, it’s not something you have done/not done, just boils down to experience