by Flying Geese Consultant, Beckie Smith

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We worked with Richmond Arts Service (who manage a number of cultural organisations) to build a training programme that would both upskill their team and create a more holistic and team approach to planning and delivering the marketing activity.  


What did we do?

We knew that Richmond Arts Service had previously worked with Audience Agency to shape an audience development plan so our training needed to focus on upskilling the team on how their individual event campaigns fed into the Arts Service and ultimately worked to achieve its overarching audience development objectives.

A five week training course was devised and tailored to the skill level within the team,  and included an introduction to marketing, campaign planning, social media in action, tailoring content to different audiences and advertising on social media.

Following the training, we offered six members of the team one-to-one mentoring to offer support as they put their new skills into practice.


Legacy and Impact

As a result of our training, the Richard Arts Service team has a more efficient working practice for developing and delivering their own event campaigns. 

Scheduled campaign planning meetings now take place regularly and all team members use the same campaign planning resource to ensure continuity of approach to planning across the organisation. 

The team of content creators are able to better communicate intent and purpose of their work, so that those who schedule and delivering the content are able to increase its efficiency.

After the six week mentoring process, the team reported having a clearer set of marketing objectives, a clearer plan of action that they can refine over each campaign, improved processes in place across the whole department, better time management as standard practice and an increase in campaign outputs.