6 session course running

Tuesday 28 November 9.30am until 11.30am
Tuesday 5 December 9.30am until 11.30am
Tuesday 9 January 9.30am until 11.30am
Tuesday 16 January 9.30am until 11.30am
Tuesday 23 January 9.30am until 11.30am
Tuesday 30 January 9.30am until 11.30am

£500 +VAT per individual
£750+ VAT for multiple delegates 

SUPER EARLY BIRD OFFER:  Book between now and 5th June and receive a 25% discount (before VAT)

EARLY BIRD OFFER:  Book between 5th June and 31 August to receive a 15% discount (before VAT)


This series of training sessions are designed to introduce your organisation to fundraising and income generation, providing you with an insight into the different fundraising disciplines.
This course includes:
  • An introduction to fundraising 
  • Individual giving
  • Trusts, foundations and statutory giving
  • Corporate Fundraising 
  • Community and events
  • Communication and marketing within fundraising

If your organisation relies on fundraising, this course is integral because:

      • Fundraising for the arts & culture is more difficult than ever
      • Diversifying your income creates resilience and sustainability
      • Knowing which income streams are right for your organisation is invaluable

During this course you will:

      • Get an understanding of the different streams of income
      • Develop thinking around how to diversify your funding streams
      • Gain a network of like-minded people in similar organisations
      • Learn how to improve your Return On Investment through a more focused approach to funding
      • Be shown a series of tools and resources to help you develop your thinking
      • Explore how to develo new lines of income

Session 1:  An introduction to fundraising

This session will cover the basics that everyone should know when it comes to fundraising and income generation.  A Fundraising 101 session!


      • Understanding the different sources of voluntary income available
      • The keys to good fundraising
      • What is a Case for Support
      • Legal and ethical fundraising
      • Platforms and infrastructure
      • Supporter communications

Session 2:  Individual Giving

How can you inspire people to support your organisation?  As fundraisers, we are there to help facilitate people’s giving, and help them recognise their passions.  How can you help people feel that your organisation is their organisation and they can make a real impact?

  • Intro to Individual Giving
  • Methods – Donations, Regular Giving, Products, Appeals
  • Audience – Who are your donors?
  • Journeys – How to drive loyalty
  • Major Donors – How to inspire supporters to donate higher amounts 
  • In Memory & Legacies – Enabling people to remember a loved ones passion for your cause

Session 3:  Trusts, foundations and statutory giving

There are around 9,000 grant-making trusts in the UK.  Their support is worth around £4bn to the sector. It’s all about writing a good proposal, isn’t it? Well, it isn’t all about the words you write.  There is so much more to a good trust and foundations programme.


  • What are Trusts and foundations? What is statutory?
  • Current state of play – Trends 
  • The key elements needed to succeed
  • Research – How to find funders, who will fund you.
  • Case for Support and applications – How to build your case for support, tailoring your approach
  • Submissions, follow-up and what happens next

Session 4:  Corporate Fundraising

Corporate partnerships are a vital piece of the fundraising jigsaw.  The aim is to achieve a two-way, synergistic relationship that is mutually beneficial. How do you do this? How do you get your foot in the door and inspire businesses to part with their money?


  • Intro to Corporate Fundraising
  • The corporate environment.  What is CSR? What is ESG?
  • Corporate fundraising mechanisms – What will work for your organisation?
  • Research – How to find your perfect partners
  • Pitching – How to win your partners heart
  • Relationship management
  • Legal and ethical considerations

Session 5:  Community and events

Traditionally, community fundraising is the life blood of all good fundraising programmes. Think runs, bake sales, bucket collections and all that jazz. Although time consuming, a successful community programme feeds all other areas of fundraising. 

  • Intro to Community and Events
  • The types of activities
  • Working with volunteers
  • Supporting your volunteer fundraisers
  • The key elements to Community & Event fundraising 
  • The legalities and Code of Fundraising Practice

Session 6:  Communication and marketing within fundraising

Fundraising teams and Marketing teams are sometimes in conflict and pulling in different directions.  We will talk about integration and about how working in synergy can help achieve great things.  At the end of the day, fundraising is marketing, marketing is fundraising…..we just need to embrace the differences!


  • Integration – Putting your comms central to your fundraising
  • What are the differences? What are the similarities?
  • Defining your audience 
  • The marketing mix. How can you reach your audiences?
  • How can we bring departments closer together?

£500 +VAT per individual

£750 +VAT for multiple delegates  

Price includes:

  • Access to recording of the seminar sessions just in case you miss one 
  • Free access to resources and tool kits

  • 9am – 3pm, Monday to Friday support throughout the course