Tuesday 5 September
Tuesday 19 September
Tuesday 3  October
Tuesday 17 October
Tuesday 7 November
Tuesday 21 November
All 9.30am until 11.30am

With optional co-working sessions on:
Tuesday 12 September
Tuesday 26 September
Tuesday 10 October
Tuesday 31 October
Tuesday 14 November
All 9:30 am until 11:30 am

£500 +VAT per individual
£750 for +VAT multiple delegates  

SUPER EARLY BIRD OFFER:  Book between now and 5th June and receive a 25% discount (before VAT)

EARLY BIRD OFFER:  Book between 5th June and 31 August to receive a 15% discount (before VAT)

This series of training sessions is aimed at those in audience development, marketing, comms and promotion across the UK’s cultural scene:

Sessions include:

  • An introduction to audience development, marketing and communications 
  • Understanding brand 
  • Marketing to stakeholders 
  • Who your target audiences are and how to find them 
  • Developing content, online marketing, social media and campaign planning
  • Measuring success, monitoring and evaluation

This course is important because: 

  • It offers essential, foundation level training that underpins all marketing activity.
  • It explains why WHY you are doing it, as well as the WHAT you are doing
  • It empowers you to understand the importance of data and how to find it
  • It explains the importance of planning and how it can actually save time
  • It teaches you how to make data informed decisions.

The benefits of attending this course include: 

  • Learning the difference between marketing, audience development and promotion.
  • Learning your organisation’s brand inside out and how to improve brand perception
  • Understanding and defining your target marketing and stakeholders
  • Shaping marketing messages in a way that both increases reach, deepens engagement and generates sales
  • Being shown how to create bespoke copy so your messages are never dull
  • Gaining knowledge on how to make social media and online marketing work harder for you
  • Knowing how to report and make a celebration story, even when you have not hit target

Session 1:  Audience development, marketing and  communications

It is often thought that audience development, marketing, promotion and communications are different words for the same discipline, but it isn’t the case!

In this session, we explore the difference between all four disciplines, what your organisation does the most, and where you might need to dedicate slightly more attention.

Session 2:  Understanding your brand

Before anyone is able to market, you must first understand your brand.

A brand is not a logo, instead, a brand is the very heartbeat of your organisation. Who you are, what you do, what you say, and how you say it are the key principles that become the spine of any marketing work. Sending the right brand messages to the right people, at the right time, will enable you to increase brand awareness, create a desire, deepen engagement and get people to commit to your offer.

Session 3:  Marketing to stakeholders

Your audiences are just one type of stakeholder in your organisation, but what about the others? This session works through exercises that helps you to identify who your other stakeholders might be, who you need to deepen relationships with, and what marketing messages they particularly want to hear. 

Session 4:  Target Audiences

This session will looks in depth at target audiences. We introduce you to Audience Agency’s Audience Answers Dashboard, focusing in on how to understand how audiences respond to different art forms, and how you can use the super mapping tool to understand how to find your audiences, and who lives in your catchment.

In breakout sessions you will complete character profiles that you can use on a daily basis to help you day to day marketing.

Session 5:  Developing content, online marketing and campaign planning

This session is in two parts.

The first part of the session looks at how we tailor different types of content for different audiences, and the different messages needed for different audience types. We also look at the purpose of social media, email marketing, and online content and how you build an audience journey from one platform to the other. It teaches delegates practical skills of how to use social media to actually develop new audiences.

The second part introduces you to a tried and tested way of creating robust campaign plans. We look at campaign milestones, key messages, key barriers to attending, and different promotion techniques that, when used together, create the perfect campaign plan.

Session 6:  Measuring success, monitoring and evaluation

In a post-Covid, economically challenging landscape, measuring success can often be a challenge, with income levels and audience numbers lower than people might hope.

Here we look in-depth at all the real-life celebration stories that your organisation and team are sitting on, that are desperate to be shouted about. At a time where teams are working harder than ever to get results, this seminar-based session looks at a broad range of areas that can be evaluated to reveal hidden areas of success.

£500 +VAT per individual

£750 +VAT for multiple delegates  


Price includes:

  • Access to recording of the seminar sessions just in case you miss one. 
  • Free access to resources and tool kits
  • 9am – 3pm, Monday to Friday support as you develop your strategy between sessions