Amalgamating how you audience’s ticketing behaviour, segmentation, engagement, perception and life choices impacts the choices that you make as an arts marketer.

    Most people know that defining your target audiences is one of the
    first steps to planning a successful audience development and
    marketing campaign. But where do you start?

    Your Box Office system (if you have one) will give you ticketing
    information, segmentation tools (if you use them) will give you arts
    engagement facts, surveys and questionnaires (if you send them) will
    give you a window into their thoughts, and public data (if you have
    access to it) will give you wider information about their demographics.
    But how do we go about putting all that information together, to give
    us, as arts professionals a 360 degree insight into what our target
    audiences need for us.  
    And then when we have that information, how can we change what
    we do, in order to actually give them what they need.

    This “How to build a character profile” resource from Flying Geese
    works you through our tried and tested method.

    1. Work your way through completing the information in the
    tables in the toolkit.
    2. Amalgamate the information in the “your answers” column
    into a one-page fact sheet about each of your target groups.
    3. Amalgamate the information in the “What does this mean for
    me” columns into a one-page fact sheet to form a set of
    guidance to help you through your campaign.