•           Helping you learn from previous promotion activity
  •           Helping you develop future promotion ideas
  •           Exploring different tactics within the marketing mix, including:
  •           Print and assets, online content, direct, social media, advertising, press, distribution, partnerships, promotion and incentives 

Promotion is the activity that we do to make sure that people hear
about our offer. Promotion can be broken down into different
disciplines listed above.  

Each discipline above can be broken down into different tactics, and
when you choose to use those tactics, together they form a

This toolkit aims to identify the different promotion tactics that you
have used before, learn from them, and then think of others that
might be new to you. You’ll then have a whole host of ideas to
choose from when it comes to building your next campaign.

1. List examples of previous promotion tactics that you or your
team have used in the past.
2. Make notes based on how much, or what percentage of your
budget you have invested in them, what worked and what
3. Give thought to what you could do next time to make each
tactic work harder for you.
4. Get really creative listing all the different promotion tactics
that you can think of.