This toolkit will give you top tips and resources to make evaluation easier, start you asking the right questions and have you well on your way to embedding best evaluation practices into your day-to-day.

    All organisations need to evaluate at some point. It could be a condition of your funding or it could be part of your cycle of learning from your experience and developing good practice.

    We know that organisations often know that evaluation is important and want to do it well, but it can feel overwhelming. This toolkit helps you

    • Make evaluation more efficient, streamlined and meaningful
    • Understand what to evaluate and why
    • Understand HOW to evaluate
    • Understand what metrics to use

    1. Work your way through completing the information in the tables in the toolkit.
    2. For the stakeholder mapping exercise you might find it helpful to cut out and paste the coloured circles onto your stakeholder map. 
    3. If you don’t know the answers to some of the questions or how to complete the exercises, consider working with a consultant who can help you.
    4.  Work with your team, and everyone in your organisation to ensure that everyone is part of the conversation –  when it comes to stakeholder mapping and the big questions, you’ll need each other.