Helping you to identify all the different components of your
brand so that you can keep consistent when communicating them.

    Your organisation’s brand brings together 5 main elements:

    • Who you are
    • What you do
    • Why you are important
    • What you say
    • How you look

    Brand reality is the truth about your organisation.
    Brand perception is what people believe about your organisation,
    regardless of whether or not it is true.
    Your brand perception is often considered to be ‘what people say
    about you when you’re not in the room.’
    If you want to ensure that your brand perception is as close to your
    brand reality as possible, you need to be very clear in communicating
    the key components of your brand, consistently and concisely, so
    that people hear exactly what you want them to hear.

    1. Work your way through completing the information in the
    tables in the toolkit.
    2. If you don’t know the answers to some of them, consider
    working with a consultant who can help you.
    3. Work with your team, and everyone in your organisation to
    ensure that everyone stays ‘on brand’ across all their
    communications, their behaviour at work, and in everything
    that they do.
    4. Consider appointing a Brand Champion, to monitor your
    communications and ensure that your organisation remains as
    on brand as possible.