This top ten checklist, aims to help people build on their copywriting,
to really get the reader to imagine that they have already committed
to engaging with you.

People like to categorise themselves… they consider themselves to
either be good at copywriting, or not. At Flying Geese we do not
believe this to be true. We believe that people can develop the skills
they need to improve their copywriting skills.
Good novels are so compelling, because the author is able to get the
reader to transport themselves away from where they are, into the
story, where they are able to imagine environments, happenings and
feelings of actually being there, in the story.
When we develop copy for our organisations and our events, if we
use the same tactics that authors use, we have greater potential to
really captivate our readers, and compel them into engaging with us.

1. Before you write your copy, imagine yourself there, actually at
the event.
2. Jot down the your answers according to the checklist resource.
3. Build sentences around those answers and weave them into
your copy to see your copy come alive.